Landi Raubenheimer

Some of the first wishes are posted.
The egg man, well known performance artist on the streets of Cape Town, visits the Wall.
Landi Raubenheimer and artist Hua Jiming from Beijing. Here he visits the Wall after his own performance walking through Cape Town wrapped in paper.
Many wishes displayed political opinion.
Some participants agreed to have their portraits sketched by the artists.
Spectators at the Wall read wishes
Wishes are carefully removed by the artists and their assistants, to be stored and used to constitute a subsequent exhibition.


The Wishing Wall is a performance done in collaboration with artist Paul Cooper in Cape Town in 2010. The performance was part of the Infecting the City festival that took place from 15 – 20 February in the city. The Wall consisted of wishes elicited from passers-by on the corner of Adderley and Hout Streets. Participants were encouraged to place their wishes on the Wall and it became a very large feature at the festival. This performance was followed by another performance in May 2011 at the University of Johannesburg.