Landi Raubenheimer

The green mailbox inside the gallery, surrounded by posted wishes on the wall and wishes under white stones on the floor of the gallery.
Spectators making wishes on the public wall outside the FADA building.
Wishes posted on the public wall.


This work was a combined installation and performance for the Collaborations/Articulations exhibition at the University of Johannesburg in May 2011. There were two components to this performance, one taking place inside the FADA gallery (the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture), and one taking place just outside the FADA building. The artists based this work on the Wishing Wall which was performed in Cape Town in 2010, and involved spectators making wishes or writing down secrets on pieces of paper. These could either be “mailed” in the mailbox in the gallery, or pasted onto the public wall outside the building by spectators themselves.