Landi Raubenheimer


On 7 March 2013, at 18h00, Artspace hosted the opening of Landi Raubenheimer’s debut solo exhibition titled Collecting the landscape. Prof. Federico Freschi, Executive Dean at the University of Johannesburg’s Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture acted as opening speaker.

Collecting the landscape is the artist’s exploration of three interpretations of the landscape; photography, paper pulp and found objects. Through photography the artist keeps a visual record of the city and the things in it that she finds interesting. These photographs are often taken from car windows, allowing the viewer to experience the city as a tourist. The importance of light and colour when capturing a place is also reflected in these photos. This informs the second part of the work, paper pulp skylines. These works are made from pulp dyed in saturated blues, greens, aquamarines, burning pinks and oranges, and deep black shades. Lastly, Raubenheimer explores the landscape through a collection of found objects, which she casts in resin into cabinets. “Objects have a history, either of the landscape, or of the people who inhabit the landscape”, says Raubenheimer. She collects dead insects and birds, jacaranda blossoms, seed pods, containers, packaging, old keys, coins and more, as she travels around the city.

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